The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Do you know what was the first thing I wanted to do after reading this book? Well to forbid by low translating John Green's book into my language or if they were translated I'd be the first to read them and then (dis)approve them. Now here is why - not so long ago I found the translated copy of Looking for Alaska in the library here and of course I picked it up and well that didn't turn out so well. When I started this book I felt like it wasn't the same man who wrote them and it wasn't..

Hazel (even her name is pretty) is a girl with Stage IV thyroid cancer. I had no clue what thyroid was but the bottom line is she had a cancer and she's been preparing herself to die but by some miracle she survived. Still the cancer was there and another thing was she had to carry around an oxygen tank so just by that everyone could see that she was ill. Her life became a routine where she went to the classes and spent time at home. Also she went to the support group where she met Augustus and her life changed. She knew she would die and she prepared herself but then her life got the meaning again.

This is not a typical love story, to get that clear. This is not a story where you'll cry only because of the cancer story, nope. Oh you'll cry a lot, trust me, but for many reasons. The beauty of this story that even though you're completely aware of the story and the illness still you'll laugh out loud and fall for all the characters. I love Hazel's witty and strong personality and honesty. I love Augustus - oh I adore that boy. I love his humor and his big heart. I also love Isaac and others. Most of all I love this book.

Dear Mr Green I owe you one apology. Actually there is no excuse for ever doubting in you but I swear I'll never do that again. You've got my heart with this book and a piece of it will always stay there.