The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead AFTER READING:
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It's not a secret that I've always been team Dimka. He was - I believe - my first vampire crush and now looking back it's hard to believe that all those years passed by so quickly. Still I was happy to read Adrian's story as I've always believed that he need his HEA. I still don't how will he get one but he deserves it.

The Indigo Spell was one of most-expecting books this year and needless to say a lot of amazing books are coming out this year. So I was really happy when I got to read the book. Once again it's hard to write review as some people haven't started with Bloodlines yet (I believe you'll soon) but I can tell you something about characters. Sydney wasn't favorite storyteller for most of the people. She wasn't Rose - the funny, kick-butt girl with whom you could easily connect. No Sydney was new in this. She wasn't (isn't) a vampire and she needed some time to get used to this. It looks to me that she broke that shell around her here. Adrian was, you know Adrian. It's not easy to describe him as he is something else. You need to meet him and then you will see it. It's been years since I've seen him for a first time and during the time he get closer and closer to my heart. You can't help but like this crazy, funny and sometimes too honest boy.

For me this book was so far the best in this series. Yeah I know - there are still three more to come and I somehow believe that I'll love them even more. Before I though that Bloodlines would be too much like VA but with time you could see that this is different story.

This book has a title? When did that happen?
I'm lost in space and time!



It has a cover!! and it's blue!!!

But...wait..wait...where is her tattoo??
And who is this behind her?

EDIT 7/13

There are tattoos...and now we know who this guy might be!