Boundless - Cynthia Hand I've just realized that this book is coming out on my birthday!

Thank you Cynthia and Harper Teen, even though you haven't done that on purpose you made me very happy!


Buddy-read with Miss, Glass, Zemira & Anatea!

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Writing a review for the last book in series is quite difficult. It means telling goodbye to the characters whose stories you've read and whose feeling you've felt. Sometimes you've waited for a year or more to read the next book in that series. It becomes even more difficult when it's a story that took your breath away multiple times and broke your heart as well. When you cried and laughed and fell in love with the characters. Well one of these was Unearthly series to me.

Now two years after I've meet Clara, Tucker and Christian that day has come. And it's hard. I can't tell you more about the story itself here as it wouldn't be possible without spoiling many things to those who haven't read the first books in the series. Instead I should say more about my relationship with this story.

Many times I've said that angels are something special to me. Some things in life you cannot explain and my fascination for angles is one of them. I don't know where it came from but I know that I'm happy it did. So two years ago when I started reading this story the things clicked between us. I was blow away with the story and creatures. From the first Clara's purpose up to meeting Christian and Tucker. Then last year it was time for Hallowed. Tucker was mu favorite boy and one of my book boyfriends ever since, but in that book the world shattered. Radiant - a short story - was there to get me through the waiting. There I've meet Angela. It was nice for a change to meet her better and needless to say it nicely connected the stories. So if you plan on reading this book you might first read that short story. Finally on my birthday this year this book came out. Some people are afraid of reading the second book in trilogy and I'm not. I still have some hopes left if the second book disappoints, but if third one disappoints there is no coming back. So I was afraid of reading this.

Then again I didn't have to be. Cynthia was careful enough to please us - the fans of her books. I was surprised that even though Tucker and Christian were there, but not as much I'd want to - especially the first one, I was still enjoying this story so much. I saw the whole story and discovered some things that made this story whole. I have no idea what Cynthia is up next but I'm pretty much sure I'll read it, whatever it is.