Sing Me to Sleep - Angela Morrison This review will maybe contain spoilers!

One thing I dislike is when books are predictable (trust me, that's the only thing i don't like about books.) I thought this book will be one of those "predictable books". Typical story, she is ugly, nobody likes her, and then she meets a perfect guy. He is starting to act strange, and she knows that something is wrong. And yes, something is wrong...(I don't want to say the rest because of people who will read this book). I can't say I was wrong. I knew that they'd fall in love and that she'd do everything for him. Maybe I knew that the book would end up like this. But one thing I didn't know - the story behind this book.
I'll just say prepare a lot of tissues. And enjoy this heart-breaking story.
And AFTER you read this book go to the official Angela Morrison page and you'll find an epilogue. And more about the whole story.

I think I won't be able to forget this book. Thank you Angela for this story.