Earth (Akasha, #4) - Terra Harmony Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

My traveling with this book stared a while ago. I was so happy after I've gotten Water for review and even more after I've enjoyed it so much. So after that I continued receiving these for review and I was really glad for that. Now this traveling has come to and end. As always it's not easy to say goodbye.

It'll be hard to tell you much about the story as I don't want to spoil anything for you. It started like a story about elements and akasha in the process it hosed some great battles and then it ended in chaos. I mean wold was in chaos but the story has gotten the ending. Kaitlyn was someone I connected to in the first book. I hated what some people have done to her and it was hard to read about it. Later she became different and with that we somehow grow apart. I couldn't support some of her decisions and for the right reasons. I was never in her shoes. For the other characters Micah was a perfect guy in many situations and I really liked Alex and Susan. For the record Shawn will always stay on my black-list.

Now after everything that happened before and mostly after the chaos in Fire it's time to end things once for all. Earth started a bit slow for me and it took me time to get to fully enjoy the book. All the search for Micah had it's ups and downs but after that it was on the road I wanted it to be. I liked the conclusion that the story has gotten.