Changed (The Hunters, #1) - Rose J. Bell Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti? & you can also enter the giveaway

How far you'll get with this book depends mostly on how long you can tolerate some linguistic errors, regardless if they're grammatical, syntactic or structural or any other. As you can see I can tolerate it but then again my grammar sucks sometimes so I'm in no position to judge anyone. But also the story is really gripping and I wanted to see what will happen. I'm really happy cause of that.

When I say happy for that I mostly mean that I've got to read the ending of this book. Yes this is a series and everything but then again this ending was the only right thing to do. But besides that this is also a story about angels and considering that they're my favorite creatures I always expect much more. That mistake is mine and mine alone so maybe some people will love this story more. The main problem for me was the characterization of angels. When you create them as villains it creates some bad feelings inside me. I don't have such a problem with Nephilim but then about archangels I do.

To tell you more about the book. We have a girl named Rosa as a pretty good kick-ass character. After some events in her past she decided to become a hunter and with her determination she became one of the best. While living in the world where the world as we know it has been invaded the two tabors are created. Some cities are the cities of hunters while other are the cities of angels. The problems for Rose starts when all of the sudden two angels are in her city. Yes they have glamour but they can't fool Rose. Even though all her instincts tell her to kill them as it's her job she is curious to see why are they there. Something is off. Jason one of the angles is on a quest and searching for someone very important to him.

Besides all the things I mentioned above which were problems for me this book also has some good sides. First one is the whole idea for the story is good. Maybe I'd change some things but this is not my book. The idea is good and I do see potential in it. The author also managed to create something that some author's never do - feelings. But most of the bad things could be fixed with a good editor. Towards the end of the book this became such an amazing thing. I'm really happy that I've had the opportunity to read it.

Rating: 2.5 stars.

***NOTE: Copy of this book is kindly provided by the author Rose J. Bell - Thank you. I'm not paid for writing this review - I do it as a lover of written word. All opinions in this review are personal.