This Girl (Slammed, #3) - Colleen Hoover *Buddy-reading with my darling Glass!<3* </b>

My sweet is Will and reliving some moments from this series and slam!
My suck is that I have to write the review for this but I have no idea what to say.

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I was really happy that I got to see Will as a narrator but at the same time I was afraid. Even though the fist two books in this series weren't flawless I still enjoyed them. To be honest this one was sweet too but it had some sucks and sweets. Sweets were seeing and remembering the story in general, then reading another slams which is always special and also the epilogue. I didn't need it cause I more or less had that idea in my head but it was sweet. Sucks for me were all the parts at honeymoon. It was too cheesy and I wasn't buying it.

All in all I'm really happy that I've gotten a chance to refresh my memory. Now it's really time to leave this story behind, I think.

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