Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire Beautiful Disaster told in Travis point of view.

No, I don't have that silly smile on my face, not a all!

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Beautiful Disaster was something special to me. I believe it was the first New Adult book to me even though I had no idea what that meant at the time. Lately all NA stories are somehow the same. But I don't believe we'll get another Travis cause that boy is unique. I can't say that I love him or hate him. I understand him somehow which is the only thing that matters.

I was even more happy to read this story cause I've read Beautiful Disaster a year or so ago so remembering all the drama was nice and intense. I got to see some other things here and it was good but besides that it was nothing new. I don't know what have I expected.

Another thing is that while you're reading this some time after you've got through the previous book in series you're good. You'll enjoy and remember some things. Problem is for people who are reading this right after they have finished the previous book in this series. I don't think they'll enjoy. But it's up to them to decide.