Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Ms Moning is someone well-known in the bookish world. Yes I've heard about her and many people recommended me her book but because of my aversion of urban fantasy books it was something I left for later. Now when that later has come I was finally able to read this book. Honestly I expected more.

Not that this story wasn't interesting or something but because of all the amazing things I've heard I expected more. First of all Mac isn't someone I like as a character. We're basically two worlds and we might have some connections but still...two worlds. Not to mention that she was on the quest and searching for her sister's killer the main worry on her mind was freaking pink nail polish! That annoyed the hell out of me. The whole idea of the story was really good and interesting Mac managed to ruin some part of it for me. For the other characters Barrons was a really mysterious and dark character which together with this story was a great combination. Also I look forward seeing more V'lane's character. He seems interesting and I guess I'll see him around.

Well yes because of all the mystery and fae-world I'll continue with this series and I'll also hope to see a grown up Mac and more of the fae around. Not only fae but also all the other creatures of the night. Good thing is also that now my expectations aren't so high so I'll probably enjoy the next book more.