Edge of Truth - Natasha Hanova Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Honestly I wasn't planing on reading this series at first cause it sounded like any other dystopian but then they needed more bloggers for the tour and I decided to give it a try. I can gladly say that that was a good decision. This book has similar idea like other dystopian novels but still it's not typical.

Here we meet our main character Rena who lives in a world where everyone must obey the Overlord's laws. She must be as everyone else and people who are different aren't welcoming. People's lives became dull and monotonous as they live within the borders that are set for them. Rena is sick and tired of that life and she decides to do anything possible to get away from her factory job, gets rich and gains better life. So she starts wondering. Starts searching out of the borders for the things that are left and yet undiscovered as you can sell them for really good price. Only the problems start when her best friend is taken because of her. She must find a way to help her and surprisingly Nevan joins her. They have to pass many dangerous places on their quest.

Edge of Truth was a really thrilling and interesting read. It's action-packed and you can't wait to see what happens next. But, yes there is but, I had some issues with this series. They are mostly because many things are left unanswered here and I had to ask myself why plenty of times. Starting with their hair-styles. They wear dreadlocks and I had no idea why. Also what happened to the world as we know it. I mean I guess something are left in secret for the sequel but I needed some little details to understand this book better.

All in all I look forward reading the second book in this series.