First Kiss (A Heavy Influence Novel, #1) - Ann Marie Frohoff Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Let me put this differently. I've gotten an invite to do a cover reveal for this book and trailer and then I saw that this was about rock bend and it got me. Music and books are great combination and when you get a story with a nice rock bend and rock starts I'm sold.

You've got this idea. This is a story about a boy who is a member of a rock band and his life changed drastically after the success of their music. It's also a story about a girl who is a next door neighbor with this boy. They played together when they were kids but then life changed for both of then and their lives went into different directions. They still were next-door neighbors but they weren't close anymore. This was a year of great changes in their lives and they needed to find themselves.

Now when I have mentioned time and years we got to the main problem for me here. It's the age of the main characters. They are too young for my taste and I knew that I won't enjoy this book as much as I initially thought. There we got to the real source of all problems - me. So yes it was me not the book, and no I'm not using the oldest excuse just cause I don't know better, it's simply how things are here. Also don't get me wrong - this book was far from disaster. It was actually a quite enjoyable read which is not a surprise considering how lovely Jake was. Still I couldn't connect with the characters or let's say Aly as she is too young for me to get into her head and be her. I enjoyed the sweetness at the beginning of this book and not so much with everything that happened later.

All in all if I were younger I'd for sure enjoy this book more. I'd want to be Aly and dream of a cute and sexy next door neighbor who happens to be a rock star (why this doesn't happen in real life? *sigh*) but now I couldn't play my role.