Out of This Place - Emma Cameron Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Not so long ago I've heard of this book. It was Keertana's review and then I knew that this book was for me. First of it was written in verse and second it was by Aussie author (you may have heard of this book as Cinnamon Rain which is if you ask me one of the best titles ever). I can't even describe how happy I was once when I got approved at NetGalley.

It sounded like a mix from heaven. Somehow poetry is not really my thing but then YA stories written in verse are one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. I admire when the author is capable of telling you a story in verse, how he/she makes it flow.

This book wasn't an exception. It's a sort of typical story about growing up and trying to run away from the painful reality hoping of finding a better place under the stars for you. Or in other words:
I want out of this place.
With no reminders.
It stings -
sulphur tears
in cinnamon rain

That's in this case mostly in Casey's part of the book. I forgot to mention that this book is told from three point of views and divided into three parts. Every part is told by different character and their situation is explained. The story starts with Luke and then it goes to the girl he secretly loves Casey and then it switches to Bongo. It's magical how even when you go to the second or third narrator and it does confuse you for a moment but you get used to it. I must admit that I connected with Casey right away and even though I don't agree with some of her decisions I could forgive her easily and then there is Luke and he is a sweetheart - meaning I couldn't but fall for him.

Emma Cameron's character sounded so real in this book and their problems were something you could easily relate to. Still I think I expected too much for a debut novel. I can't help but compare this book with other verse novels and unfortunately it won't make it to the top of the list. Still I'll gladly read anything Emma writes just because I believe that with every book her words will gain more emotions and then take me by surprise.