Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

I honestly hate writing my monologues and stuff. I prefer getting right to the point or in this case reviews, but sometimes I have to do this so you could understand my review. There is a story about retellings and me - I don't read them. I do feel bad most of the time but I'm stubborn as it is. I don't want nothing to ruin my favorite fairy tales because they made me the person I'm. I've grow up reading them and they made me love reading and created the imagination within me. As you can see I've read this retelling. Here is the thing - I didn't know it was a retelling. Dammit I didn't know it was about Peter Pan at all. Zemira just told that it was an awesome book and it was all what it took me to read the book. Now if you're expecting the disaster, sorry you won't get one.

There is a perfect moment for reading some books. Well for example you need a whole day ahead of you to completely enjoy this one. It's slow and for me like a ballad. Unfortunately I couldn't afford that but still there is always rereading for that. I'm getting to the story. So here you get something I believe you're all familiar with - Peter Pan. I should tell you that he is probably my fist bookish crush and it's still on. The narrator this time is Tinkerbell. We're here reading about the time before and during captain Hook's visit to Neverland. Before Wendy there was a girl called Tiger Lily who showed us more about Peter and lost boys than we knew. It's beautifully written with imaginable descriptions and lovely events. It was so easy to relate with Tiger Lily, because she is me and I'm her deep down. No matter what she did and even though she did some things I don't approve still that little girl who is growing up in Neverland and trying to find her way in life is all of us. We were all lost in this world and didn't know what we wanted or who should we become. But a lot of times in life you have to make a choice and sometimes you have to let go no matter how it's hard. Only you'll always have memories.

I really enjoyed this story even though it was a bit slow at the beginning. Also the letter broke my heart completely. I can't say goodbye to Neverland cause the piece of my hard will always and forever stay there and I'll go there again and again no matter what.