Fall from Love - Heather London How can I possibly resist the book with such a pretty cover, even though I have some deja vu moments while reading the blurb. We shall see.

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As soon as I overcome my biggest fear concerning New Adult novels, which would be typical new adult story that has been told so many time before, I'm able to enjoy and live with the book. Luckily for me I overcame that fear almost at the start cause it was different here. It has some typical elements but still it was a different kind of love story.

This book has a really strong and captivating start and it drags you into the story right away. It starts with an accident, while it might not be the newest trick in writing it wasn't something that I expected for sure. After the accident that happened to her boyfriend Holly gets lost. Grief eats her whole and she is not capable of pulling her life together anymore. At some moments when everyone would give up and mark her as lost case her friends is still standing and battling for her. Jenna is hard as stone and she does everything to pull Holly out of her mystery and she succeeds. Holly get to do normal things again but still many things hurt and one of them is seeing Carter. I can't tell you for what reasons as you find out most of the things later in the book. But as Carter is actually Jenna's boyfriend roommate it's inevitable for them to see each other. That's how they both get to free themselves from grief and find a way to enjoy in life together. Even though there is still a secret that might destroy everything.

For once it's not typical bad boy and good girl story and for that I'm really thankful. I was able to fully enjoy this story and yes I cried cause I wanted to see them both happy. Even though some things bothered me like Carter's struggle to say some things still I was able to understand cause he didn't want to lose something that was making him whole.