Arrow of the Mist - Christina Mercer Confession time - I haven't read the blurb but boy isn't the cover pretty!

You all who have gotten the ARC of this book - I envy you...

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I strongly believe that many, like I, were taken aback after seeing this book. It showed out of nowhere and suddenly I was in desperate need for this book. Look at the cover it literary talks to you and then you read the blurb and you stare at it in awe! At least I was. It sounded like everything one might need to have a bloody great fantasy novel.

Honestly I'm like super close to posting a meme at the start of this review, but I shall resist. I'm sure though that you all remember the old fantasy TV shows for kids and fairy tales which had magic and good old riddles (you remember them?). Well this book has it all. Now I came to the hardest part and that would be explaining my emotions and awesomeness of this book to you with my words. It's basically impossible as this book is magical. Every aspect of it - from Lia who is a girl every kid wish to be. She is a girl who is brave and not thinking twice when everyone are in danger and she must cross to Burme, the magical land from which no one came back, in order to find a cure. She is ready to do that and much more to save her father and her land as shadows are getting closer and closer. On this magical quest she will also find a great friend in her cousin and also first affection and something that might turn into love (not in cousin but someone else). But most of all she will find herself and discover that magic is great part of her life and that it'll always be.

You can find some basic elements of fantasy here and this, for sure, would be a book that I'd read under my tent in the bed as a little kid with a flashlight and staying awake longer than I should. Even though my age tells you something else I still do that, only I don't need flashlight with the new technology.

This book fed the child in me the one that grew up on books about magic and the one that dreamed about magical lands and creatures. This book fed my soul at the same time as I discovered the whole new world and that world full of possibilities.