Addicted to You  - Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

With NA books jumping from every corner I got tired of reading them. They all started to sound alike and with that the whole concept lost its magic. This one sounded different and luckily for me it was different. It wasn't NA just because you had some drinking and sex here and there. It dealt with bigger issues.

It'll be hard to talk about this one and not to compare some things with other typical NA stories. Here, as always, you have a boy and a girl, but the difference is they're far from being angels. Not only that their lives are so screwed up but also there is no easy way out. Love is not enough to change things here, because this people dealt with real problems and they had to keep appearance.

Lily and Loren, the two people how know each other well, where no one else knew the real image just the blurred one they presented, had some serious problems. Lily is a sex-addict while Loren can't go through the day without alcohol. They both knew that they had problems but they had to carry a lot of things on their shoulders. Honestly after starting this book I was afraid of continuing it. I like it when main characters have messed up lives and they need each other as they're a safe harbor for the other person. That can work if the two of them are different. Yes still messed up but in a different way so that one of them has something that other person lacks but at the same time it can support him/her in some other ways and vice versa. They basically complement each other and that makes a book work out and that's when a happy ending is necessary, as they both deserve it. I was scared here, because both of the main characters were messed up on so many levels that I was scared of reading some forced happy and soppy love story as they couldn't work out, because their relationship was destructive. I should know better I guess.

I'd probably enjoy this book fully if I could connect with main characters but I simply couldn't. They both allowed some things that I'd never allow. Another thing is that I'd go even further with the ending and closing it completely, but it was left for me to decide and I did.

Rating: 3.5 stars.