The Dark Divine - Bree Despain I'm not sure will I continue this series...

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My dear friends, please let me present you the book that's been on my to-read shelf the longest. I added this book on my list at the times when paranormal was dominant genre and the genre I enjoyed the most. As time passed I changed so did my reading preferences. Now after almost three years it's not a surprise that I didn't enjoy this one as much.

I strongly believe that if I had read this book earlier I'd have enjoyed it much more. But I can't turn back time. So starting here with the Divine family. As their name says it they're divine. But really. The father is a priest and committed to helping community, the mother is perfect housewife (if I remember correctly, but we'll get to my memory) and two angels. Yes literary, they are teenagers but they listen to their parents, are always helping others and my personal favorite - don't swear, as in never. I get that really, I rarely swear as I don't like to hear other females swearing, but if the things that happened to them happened to me, my vocabulary would get out of my hand. From that point this book was everything but not realistic nor I could connect with the characters.

Then we get to the supposed bad-boy of this story Daniel. He used to be next-door neighbor with the Divine family but some things changed in his life and he ended up in different homes which changed him. He isn't the sweet and caring young boy he used to be and that made him real, and actually the reason for my 2 stars is he. I could understand him at the beginning, but later not so much.

With that we get to the main point of this story - wolves. It requires a lot of turning pages until you get to that part but I was waiting for the big beast to show up. And it did, show up, but then everything turned into something that made me roll my eyes. Remember in Twilight when Edward carries Bella on his back and they climb the tree and so on, well I got that here. Needless to say once was enough.

I know I sound like a hypocrite because I'm the person who rated Twilight with 5 stars, but in my defense I was young and naive. If I had read this one when I was 15 this review would have ended with 5 stars.