To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee Not so much of a review...

This is not what you're used to see on this blog. I never review nor rate classic for a simple reason and it's they've been discussed and rated by so many people that my say in all that is irrelevant. But I've made a mistake and put this book into one of my challenges, and I hate leaving things unfinished, so I had to write a review. Make no mistake this is not a review as I won't talk much about this book but I'll talk about my lit classes instead.

In case that you don't know I'm a student at faculty (something similar to college) of Philology at English language and literature department. Even though after finishing the studies we more or less become English teachers (as hopefully I will one day) or translators that doesn't stop us from enjoying lit classes. At least it doesn't stop me. I love them for a simple reason and it's that they make me read books that I would never pick my myself nor would I even finish them. But then after discussing them I see the real beauty in them. The same happened with To Kill a Mockingbird. Let's face it, this is by far the most mentioned book in history of American lit and I've tried to read it few years ago and to see what's that all fuss about. I've never finished it as I couldn't understand lots of things. Things, of course, changed after I learnt about American history and discovered everything that happened during that period so now I could easily go through the book. Of course non of that would be possible without my teachers who always try to make them more interesting to us and help us to see real picture. And for that I'm really grateful.

Did I enjoy/love/hate this book would be hard to say, but I do see the reason why this is called a classic and why it's so important and that I know how to appreciate.