Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) - Tarryn Fisher Dammit! Every time I think this book just lowered to 4 stars, Tarryn blows my mind again!

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You know while waiting for the final book in a series you create dozen endings in your head and then list then from the one most likely to happen to the one that you don't think will happen. Well I had a list for this one, but you know what, I (and other addicts) didn't have publication date. Until one of a sudden this book showed up. You simply need to stop everything and read this one.

If I'd be honest with you even after this book The Opportunist will stay my favorite. I enjoyed Caleb's POV as well but meeting these characters for the first time and hearing their story made me an addicts. While I couldn't connect (and I never will) with Leah I must admit that her character is probably done the best. She is what she is and end of story. She might not be right and she might make a lot of mistakes but she stands behind them. That's one of the biggest characteristics of Tarryn's writing - her characters. All from Olivia, Caleb, Leah to Noah and other secondary characters were done perfectly. I don't need to tell you more about them as I believe you've already heard a lot. With such characters and such an amazing story it was easy to get addicted.

Another thing I must admit that at certain points I though that this series would go the wrong way (meaning it would be too much retellings) but the author really found the balance and once again managed to surprise us with some decisions.

Back to the endings - well I honestly didn't expect this, it was one of the possibilities but I was certain that something totally opposite would happen. Well, I was wrong. But still it's a great ending to this series.