Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

After Throne of Glass I expected a lot of Crown of Midnight. Without doubt Throne of Glass was one of my favorite reads last year so at times I feared that I set my expectations too high. Good thing though is that no matter how high they were this book managed to bring that and more.

Celaena is who I wanted to be. She was so kick-ass that you simply couldn't but imagine being in her skin. With that she also managed to be a really smart, witty and when necessary emotional. I know I sound like I have a huge crush on her but that was the world I wanted to be in and the person I wanted to be. In Crown of Midnight she developed in a right way and became even better than she was. With her progression the story progressed as well. It was so well paced and every thing happened when it was time for that.

After winning a competition Calaena is back in business. Now she has to kill all the people she is ordered to and when she sees that something big is preparing she can help but do a little research which will discover some serious things but still she has a business to and and freedom to pay. With that her relationship with someone (I won't spoil things, no worries) is something she cannot avoid anymore and the secret she keeps inside of her keeps her busy. Add a bit of magic here and there and you get perfect story that Crown of Midnight is.

But, we also get to see the other side of Calaena, the only that takes over when everything crashes. The one that's deadly and trained to kill and the one that does not forgive nor forget. And the one to who revenge is serious business.

With the ending that leaves you at the edge but at the same time finishes one chapter in her life we see that Sarah J. Maas is really a master in writing that kind of endings that will make you remember the story and at the same time put you in agony because you need and want more. We need that time machine people!