Bend Me, Shape Me - Debra R. Borys Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Being a reader makes you discover different things about yourself. For example, I'm huge fan of tv-crime shows and I watched who knows how many CSI and Criminal Minds episodes but when it comes to suspense or crime books I tend to avoid them. They simply don't do it for me, but maybe I will discover some book that will change my mind. This one was a nice and interesting read but it didn't bring that epiphany, nor did I expect it to. It wouldn't be fair to set my expectations that high.

In this book you can see that while judging people by their misfortunes or general prejudice is one of mistakes people often made. This is a story about Snow, a bi-polar girl who lives on streets. Besides that she is almost 18 and half Native American and when you get all these information we can say that she is not trustworthy. At the other hand doctor Levison is a really successful psychiatrist who has a great record and who saved many kids, and of course he is well educated man which would make him a trustworthy person. But he doesn't have something Snow does - sense of family and being protective over her brother - Alley who is in danger and a dead friend on her mind - Blitz. That would make her stronger that any other prejudice. We also have Jo here, she is a journalist who is always in search for a good story but besides that she is there to help all the homeless children. Being a journalist gives her ability to offer people a chance to say their story even though sometimes it's hard to trust. And the last person who tells us a story is Lenard - Snow's uncle who brings the background and contributes to the story.

While Snow's, Jo's and Lenard's POV change through the novel you get to see the life of homeless kids which was sometimes hard to imagine. While it was really nicely done, at the point when government was included it was too much for me. It does sound logical and everything, but for me it was unnecessary. That and the fact that it took me some time to get into the story and make differences in narrations are the reason for the rating.

Rating: 3.5 stars.