No Reverse - Marion Croslydon Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

This is the first time that this is happening to me. That I have read a story that I really liked and enjoyed but then at certain point in the plot everything went downwards. It makes me wish for a time machine so I could go back and stop myself from reading further than 81% of the book.

Up until that point this story was something. It was a NA book that I really enjoyed for multiple reasons. First of it was untypical. A lot of things already happened in the lives of our main characters so that you had to connect some fact from the past to realize why they're such a great enemies in present. This book starts with wedding which is another untypical thing as mostly books end that way as great conclusion to the story. Well here after the wedding comes some serious drama. I don't mean that as a bad things. Cassie and Josh have big history behind them and there is an interesting story about high school sweethearts who once thought have the whole world by only having each other to the great enemies that they have become.

It was really interesting but not flawless. Cassie is only thing that I had problems with. She is smart, strong but for some reasons I really admire her but trust me when I say that people from Abnegation would admire her selflessness. She literary gave up on almost her life for others and not to mention tried to control lives of others by not even asking them. But I could live with that.

Only I couldn't live with that unreasonable proposal that happened at that famous 81% of the book. Don't get me wrong, guy did have noble reasons but proposing a person who you don't even know for a month and with that you barely kissed is idiotic. That was really out of line. It might have moved some things in the story but it added all unnecessary drama as well. From that point it was just adding more drama and then pushing all that until the ending when everything resolved. That was unnecessary as the idea itself was really good and the book is really different from same old NA stories.