Don't Breathe a Word - Holly Cupala Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

Holly Cupala is one of the authors my girl Glass put on my list called - authors-you-must-meet and I obeyed. Of course she was right. She always is. In the world of contemporary novels where everything is pink and lovely and where all stories get the happy ending it was time for reality and to discover more of a real world.

Because of Glass' review I was prepared for that mostly, but when it hits you it also makes you realize that you emotions you cannot prepare. Homelessness is something we're all really aware of to some extend but what really happens and how that world works is sometimes a mystery. You realize that it's not just finding food and surviving but it's also fighting. We get to meet this world through Asher, a boy who is one of the people in the story. A boy who has unfortunate story. We of course wouldn't get to meet Asher if it wasn't for Joy. Her name tells you one thing but her life is another story. She is not suffocating just because of asthma, but because of her parents who don't let her breathe. She must find a way to live her life again and to be the person she wants to be. It brings some troubles and she probably doesn't pick the best way but one thing is sure it opens her eyes. You won't only fear for the two of them but also for other young people who had to survive the rough life.

From my words you can see that this story will make you think, mostly about your life and it'll show you that happiness is really in small things and that you have to be grateful even though you aim for more. You should always aim for more, but never forget it could be worse.