When the World Was Flat (and we were in love) - Ingrid Jonach Interview with Ingird at Ja čitam, a ti? on August 19th!
Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

There are some things that I'm really afraid of while reading books. One of my fears is that I'll get a book with great idea and then the whole story will start to remind me of some mainstream stories - like Harry Potter or lately Twilight. I had the same fears when I started this one, but luckily they disappeared soon.

Here is why. We start with high school here and of course there is a girl Lillie who is just average teen girl, she is not popular or anything so when she gets into staring contest with the hottest new guy in high school it turned some alarms in my head, but only for short as later it turned out to be something I'd never dream of. Soon enough it turned out that Tom even though was mysterious he acted like that for a reason. When you go through everything he went through to find the way to be happy and tries to get what his hearts wants the most it's really easy to love him. Especially when the romance develops slowly and you get to know both characters better. So soon after I started reading this book I was so interested in it that I read it nearly in one sitting.

All in all this was the very unique idea, at least for me, and it worked out properly, or better said the author made it work. I liked the combination of a well know theory with sci-fi elements and of course going through love and world-bending wonder. I could see characters grow and with them their love which made it even sweeter.

What makes me really happy is that Ingrid told me in the interview that she thinks about writing a new book that will be only loosely connected with this story as for me Lillie and Tom's story has got it's perfect ending, but at the same time I'd love to see more of this idea.