Fractured - Teri Terry Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

With all middle books or second books in series I've noticed some pattern, but mostly this happens in dystopians. While in the first book the whole idea is presented and you need to wrap your mind around something, second books leaves you to connect all the smaller things and mostly to get to know the main character and other characters too. This one follows that patter.

While in the first book you get the whole idea of Slated was nicely presented in the first book and what I mostly like about this series is that's really believable. We got to meet Kyla better here and we get to meet not only her present but her past as well. After being Slated she got a new opportunity to get a new life and start all over. With appearance of some new characters, meaning Nico something changed inside of her. She started to remember, but at the same time she is not supposed to. That brings memory of another self Lucy and that past life and another person she once were - a fighter Rain. Kyla has to be all three and she has to balance herself not to be suspicious. It might sound complicated but it really isn't as the author managed to pull out that idea nicely so that you don't get confused. With all that, the whole idea of fighting back, she has another burden to carry - Ben. It still hurts not to know what happened but she is determinate to find out. Only the things is that the truth might hurt her even more.

At the time when a lot of series suffer from middle-book syndrome Fractured continued with the same light it started in Slated. You'll enjoy while discovering the bigger picture and the inner characters. Now it's time to get the final show in Shattered and whit that title I can't wait to see more.