Twisted - Laurie Halse Anderson Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

And here I though that my high school sucked, boy. After reading any of YA book that deals with high school students I really can't help but wonder if is it like this in real life - cheerleaders and football players owning the school and stuff. It's sounds surreal to me, but different continents, different cultures will do that. Anyhow I wouldn't want to be part of Tyler's high school.

Laurie Halse Anderson is one of the authors who won't tell you a story about first and sweet teen loves nor did she try to create perfect happily ever endings. Not, instead she will give you a real story. One that you can play in your head and one that deals with real nowadays issues. So this is story about Tyler, a guy who was average aka invisible. Being sick of that position he decides to change things and do something big that would bring him on the top of high school hierarchy. And he does, only the result is not the one he expected. After getting busted his reputation is now different. As punishment for his actions he spend the whole summer doing outdoor work and that doesn't and that does wonder for his physique. Now he appears to be a bad boy with muscles and in reality he is just trying to get his crush to like him.

Tyler has a lot of issues on his backs - his father doesn't seem to forgive him his crime and now he is on thin ice. Things in his family haven't been good in a while and they only get worse plus he has a lot of AP subjects to ace. Most of the time it only makes him give up and all he wanted was to be more popular.

I can say that Laurie did an amazing job with Tyler's character. Not only is he realistic but at the same time we have a really great picture of a boy trying to survive puberty. At the same time he really is a sweetheart. He tries to be a good brother, son and friend but that one mistake makes downgraded him in every way.

With Twisted Laurie Halse Anderson brings a realistic story about becoming a man and all that in Tyler's witty, funny and at times really emotional voice.